Part 1: Jazzi spray Emily Bunny with crybaby gas

(NHH, New York, NY, USA, January 4, 2019)

Jazzi: Man, I can't believe Emily is giving me a detention slip for saluting on Sausage Party! There's gotta be a way to get revenge on her! Umm...... I know, I’m going to spray some crybaby gas at her for revenge! Ha! (X25)

(Jazzi puts on her gas mask and gets the crybaby gas spray bottle out and sprays the entire girls bathroom at full blast)

[Emily Bunny is happily cleaning up the Cafeteria.]

Emily: Man, I'm tired from cleaning up the Cafeteria. I’ll need a break at the girls bathroom.

[Emily Bunny goes to the girls bathroom and her eyes begin to water from the gas.]

Emily: Hey. What's going [sniffles] on? Why do my eyes feel watery and why am I feeling sorrowful?

Jazzi: Ha ha! Take that, Emily! This is what for giving me a detention slip. Now I better get out of here because this is about to get ugly.

(Jazzi runs away to go home as Emily Bunny begins bawling extremely hard and flooding the entire school with her tears which killed hundreds of people and injuring dozens of students)


Part 2: The news of Jazzi spraying crybaby gas at Emily/Jazzi gets doomed and beaten up by Mufasa

Diesel: Jazzi, how was your day at school today?

Jazzi: It was good.

Tina: Let's see what's on the news.

Male Japanese News Anchor: We interrupt this broadcast with some breaking news flash! North Hampton Hills International Academy has been flooded with the tears of Emily Bunny from Jazzi! 300 students and 200 teachers died and more than 280 students and 260 teachers were injured.

12 Year Old Chinese Boy Bunny: This is one of the worst things that ever happened at our school!

12 Year Old Japanese Boy Kangaroo: I saw my kitty Chinese girlfriend my age Dakota getting hurt really bad. I cannot believe she can't walk for the entire month! Now thanks to you Jazzi, Dakota needs crutches and a cast for the entire month because of you!

12 Year Old Egyptian Girl Deer: Jazzi, I hope you get grounded by your parents and beaten up by Mufasa! You and the Save-Ums don't deserve to be on our school anymore! It's all your faults! Everyone hates you now! Goodbye forever!

Hongmao: I saw many of my students getting carried to the hospital after Emily bawled extremely mega harder and flooded the entire school with her tears! Jazzi, this is all your fault! The whole school will get you and the Save Ums kicked out forever!

12 Year Old Korean Girl Fox: Jazzi, I have to tell you something! Mrs Finister was teaching us how to do chemistry and we saw Emily’s massive tsunami of tears near the classroom and we almost got hurt! Everyone hates you and the Save-Ums now! Even Henry and June hate you!

Tina: Jazzi, How dare you spray crybaby gas at Emily! that's it you are grounded grounded grounded for 9,000 days! Now it's time for Mufasa to beat you up!

Jazzi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to be beaten up by Mufasa!

Mufasa: [5000% louder] PREPARE FOR SOME BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!

[Robbie Rotten walks in to hide the screen]